Tips On What Is Wrong With Your HVAC Unit


A perfectly working HVAC keeps us in the perfect environment we want. The best way to keep the system in tip-top shape is to take up minor repairs as and when they occur. Calling your trusted hvac contractors is one way to maintain the unit, you can also do it on your own. In here, you will find some tips on what to do when something specific is wrong with your HVAC system. If the system has completely broken down and you need to buy a new one, here is an article on choosing the right one. Check It Out.

• Water is pooling around the HVAC:
An HVAC causes condensation as it heats or cools the air. The liquid thus formed is removed from the unit using a condensation pump and drainage pipe. If there is water pooling around your HVAC unit, then chances are that the drain tube is blocked. A simple test can tell if the pipe needs to be unblocked. Pour some water on the condensation pan, if the pump doesn’t start working the tube should be cleaned by a professional. If the pump is working, yet the water is not draining, then the ball valve should be checked.

• HVAC is not cooling or heating:
Set the thermostat a few degrees above or lower than the temperature you want and check if it reaches it. If the HVAC unit is not working, then turn off all power to the system. Now check for small issues like branches obstructing airflow or other blockages. Clean dirty coils if need be. Also bear in mind that if the thermostat is very low or very high, then the HVAC will not turn on. It has to be moderate.

• HVAC is making weird noise:
Any unknown or bizarre sound coming from the HVAC is a signal of an issue. There could be a number of problems with it ranging from something simple like air duct dent to a complex issue. Always call a professional HVAC repairer to take care of the problem even if it is something as small as a loose belt. Also, unfamiliar noises should be taken care of as fast as possible to avert significant troubles.

• The HVAC is not as efficient as before:
The most common reason for HVAC producing poor quality air or not working efficiently is dirty filters. Fortunately, it is easy to check for dirty filters and replace them. Take out the clogged filters; get rid of all dirt and lint by using cold water. If they are too messy, then a better option would be to use new filters. Changing or cleaning filters is a quick fix that takes at the most ten minutes but has long-lasting results.

These were some fundamental issues that can crop up in HVAC units from time to time. Such minor problems can be taken care at home without the need of calling in a professional. It will also decrease the number of routine maintenance that has to be done on the system.