Innovative Way Of Charging Phone With A Saucepan

Charging Phone With A sauce pan

It may sound new to know that a phone can be charged from the energy, which is created within the cooking pot. Further, you need not worry about the phone getting burnt. If you feel this is what you have been looking for, then you can check the greatest removable inducted cook plates reviews before buying one for yourself.

For all those people who wish to conserve energy and reuse it sensibly, this is a great way to make use of the wasted heat as stated by
When you talk about saucepan, the first thing that comes to mind is food, and the next thing to think about is the container. If you can charge your phone with a saucepan, then you can save some good amount of electricity. There are stainless steel cooking pots available in the market, which can be used for cooking a meal charging your phone at the same time. This would be great news for women who forget to charge their phones amongst their busy schedules.

To get started you should know how to make use of the pot in a right way. As a first step, you should have a pot filled with water and then it should be immersed in a gas cooker. You should now turn on the heat and wait for few seconds. For example, if you have a Nokia phone then the cable attached to the bottom of saucepan starts to blink. This is an indication that the phone has started to charge. A small size pan can charge only one phone, the medium sized pan can charge up to three phones, and larger phones can charge up to 6 phones.

This idea was first originated for the survivors of the tsunami. They had no electricity they had to cook their food in open fire without having any option to charge the phone. When the pot was first originated, it approximately took six weeks to exactly figure out on how to transfer the heat generated from the pot to the phone. When the pot came into existence, it was a life saver to help the tsunami survivors to be in touch with the exterior world. Later they started to sell to the overseas market. This pot can be used in village areas where people can make a one-time purchase of mobile phones but could hardly charge it.

Specifications Of The Pot
The pot used for charging will have handles on both the sides of the pot which is available in multiple sizes. Due to double-sided handle, it is easy to handle the pot with ease. The output will be big enough to fit the size of the pot.

The pot will have a thermoelectric module at the bottom which will convert the heat generated into electricity. The current generated can be transferred to the phone with the help of a cable through the charging outlet. The energy will get created through the temperature variations between the corners of the conductive material. The greater the variation in electricity the more of the electricity generated. The cooking pot can also be used to charge a LED light and will continue to generate electricity till the heat lasts.